Monday, May 10, 2010

How do you keep acrylic nails clean??

I've had them several times, and it seems when I put my makeup on it gunks up all over. I wash my hands over and over, but stuff still gets stuck on the underside. Any tips to keep them clean? I love having them, but after a few days they feel gross.How do you keep acrylic nails clean??
I use a little brush and some light soap. I'll just scrub them whenever anything gets under them.

Good Luck.How do you keep acrylic nails clean??
Go au natural and forget the fake nails, they are gross and will ruin your natural nails.
At the end of each day you should use a q-tip and rubbing alchohol. Clean in/around/under the nail, and poof problem solved. Hope this helps.
Get a little nail brush and after you are finished with your cosmetics, scrub your nails with the brush, paying attention to the underside of the nails and around the edges.
try a different kind of nails?
Buy a nail brush, use it anytime dry or wet when there is durt undernieth.
you should use warm soapy water and q-tips for all the corners and what not. and wash them off with like a wash cloth or wahtever, they wont get ruined.

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