Friday, May 14, 2010

What is another way file your nails?

I don't have a regular nail file and I really need to file my nails. Is there anything else I can use to file them?What is another way file your nails?
sandpaper or a knife edge, no joke like a dinner knife the little ridges on the edge.What is another way file your nails?
Sand paper? Bricks? KNIVES?! Oh my gosh, they all sound brutal :(

I don't know why you can't get a regular nail file... they sell them in a pack of 10 for a buck at any drug store.

I can't suggest any alternatives, but I can tell you that if you use any of the alternatives the other answerers suggested, you'll just rough up your nails and they'll snag onto everything.
I have filed my nails on a brick wall and sandpaper before :)

Where can one get Glitter gel nails done in the Greensboro, NC area?

I have been interested in getting this done on my nails, but I can't find anyone in the area that does anything other than standard gel nails...Thanks in advance for any answers provided.Where can one get Glitter gel nails done in the Greensboro, NC area?
Ewwww, tacky! Stick with a classic nail look. Fake nails are gross.

Which works better for strengthening your nails: Vaseline or vegetable oil?

my nails are weak and i';v heard both work but i want to know which works better. please help!, my nails are counting on u!Which works better for strengthening your nails: Vaseline or vegetable oil?
I haven't heard if vaseline or cooking oil will help strengthen your nails.

I have however heard anything with gelatin will improve the strength of your nails. So add jello or pudding to your diet and this will help.

If you need something a little faster I do like the Sally Hansen ';Hard as Nails'; nail products. You can find them at just about any store.Which works better for strengthening your nails: Vaseline or vegetable oil?
I've never heard of these two as nail strengtheners but I think the vegetable oil makes a little more sense. Try a Sally Hansen product (one comes in a gold bottle, I've used it and I liked it) and try not to wet your nails for extended periods of time. I've heard that vitamin E (biotin) is good for hair, skin and nails and make sure you're eating a well-balanced diet. Switch your nail polish remover to one without acetone and don't repaint them too frequently (once a week with touch-ups should suffice). Good luck! :]
Forget both. What you need is a vitamin supplement containing calcium and vitamin D. And make sure you're getting calcium through drinking milk and eating yogort.

Good luck!

What colors should I paint my nails accoring to the season?

List the colors that you should paint your nails during these seasons :

Summer -

Fall -


Spring -

THANKKK YOUU(:What colors should I paint my nails accoring to the season?
summer- bright colors like orange, blue, yellow, purple

fall- red, dark orange, green, darker colors

winter- blue, green, red.

spring- again bright colors

good luck =]
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  • How long should my dog's nails be?

    I want my dog to be happy, and I know how annoying long fingernails can be. Imagine if you couldn't clip your own nails when you wanted to! It would totally suck.How long should my dog's nails be?
    Vet or groomer can do it regularly. Mine charges 7.50 to clip the nails, and even sometimes just does it without charge as a part of the visit. Have it done at least monthly.How long should my dog's nails be?
    Dogs nails no longer than the pads, this causes them not to walk normal, interferes with the natural gait.

    If they are let go and get too long, you need to slowly trim back, not all at once, you could hurt the dog.

    Take to a groomer and begin getting them in shape.

    the pecking on floors, if you can hear the nails hitting the floor then they are too long, way to long.....

    good luck

    Be careful, do not trim back too far too fast, you can hit a vein and cause pain and bleeding to your baby.
    Ideally, they shouldn't hit the floor, so no longer than the paw pads are deep. However, if they've been allowed to grow longer than that, then the quicks have as well and you will need to work them back slowly.

    It's not just annoying, it changes the dog's gait when the nails are too long, because weight is being borne by the nails instead of the pads. It can realy mess a dog up! In the winter, a dog with overly long nails will rip the paw pads because the weight of the dog is borne on the nails when it's icy. They tear where they meet the nails. So yes, you need to stay on top of the nails for health reasons, not only cosmetic.

    ETA: They don't wear themselves down naturally unless your dog is always on a hard, abrasive surface like concrete. Even then, they won't all wear evenly. You do need to trim them.
    If your dog is active, dont worry about his nails, theyll take care of themselves as his feet move around. If not, cut to just before the quik. Im sure there are pictures online. The quik is a vein in the foot. If you cut the tip of it off, the nail will bleed and it will hurt your dog more than leaving his nails long.
    they should be any length but never curling undernieth. the tip of the nail should be flat against the ground so as soon as you nothice any kind of curling, clip the nail straight across or take him for a run on a sidewalk.
    you shouldn't hear your dog's nail scratchin against the floor when its walkin around your house...if you do, this means your dog needs nail trimming as its already too long.鈥?/a> ;D
    1.5 cm if longer take it out for a walk or trim them a bit
    As long as you can tolerate.
    this long


    or exactly 273mm

    How to get your nails back to normal after having acrylic nails removed ?

    i just got my acrylic nails removed and my nails are crazy thin and all bumpy and like all layery!! is there any way i can get them like normal agin or just to look better with out spending alot of money! so thanks guys for the help :DDDHow to get your nails back to normal after having acrylic nails removed ?
    I've had acrylic nails three times. but sorry to say but no all you can do is wait. If their all bumpy just use a buffer (you can buy one at walmart for like 2 dollars), don't use it too much though because they'll just get thinner. but they'll grow pretty fast. Just remember time is the healer for all things!

    Good Luck,

    ChasityHow to get your nails back to normal after having acrylic nails removed ?
    You can get a nail buffer, which is a four-sided resurfacing tool that will smooth your nails and stimulate growth. They cost between ten and twenty dollars and can be found online. You can also get Sally Hansen Hard as Nails to help you out while they're regrowing. Otherwise, all you can do is wait until they grow back out.
    I would recommend Nailtiques Stage 2. Use it as directed and your nails will be stronger in no time. Also, use a buffer to help with the roughness.
    try to drink more milk, it will make your nails more think and pretty :)

    and don't bite them... that is the worst thing you can do

    What color should I paint my nails?

    Should I paint them black, or should I paint them a gothic looking red?What color should I paint my nails?
    red with a lightning zigzag in black down the middle. go 4 it.What color should I paint my nails?
    Nice choices...

    I love/have both... go for goth red that is what I'm in the mood to paint mine...

    question? what brand do you have for goth red? I have one but its not as dark as I'd like it.. I want a colour that is like dark vampire blood red
    Like ohhhhmygawd.

    neither. because both colors are about as ugly as hell.

    Pink. or bright yellow.

    PS! You can't ask a question what color should I paint my nails if theres only two colors. then it'd be a poll . DUHHHH
    get fake nails they look so much better!

    Answer Mine Please.鈥?/a>
    ummm sure those sound nice lol

    mine are white at the moment. I like white. oorrr have you tried like darker purplish and bluish colors? they acually looke really pretty. Most of them have like russian names.
    gothic looking red :)
    i mean what's ever good for you.... or you should just get black and red since you can not pick what you want
    depends on the occassion

    for a night party black

    for any other reason red
    black :)
    I like black. Always very cool looking.
    the Gothic red would look good.
    red. It shows more detail in a person and it is attractive
    Black. That seems more gothic.
    wow, thats amazing.
    how about rainbow
    red would look nice :D
    you should paint them lime green!!..

    black! (:
    Dark purple! =]
    it depends on the colour of the clothes you're wearing ;)

    both are great.

    or blue!i love that colour.