Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How do you keep your nails hard without putting anything on them?

my nails get soft and break off easily and i just wondered if there was anything i could do to prevent that. and i dont want to use any kind of nail polish.How do you keep your nails hard without putting anything on them?
Brittle, easily-broken fingernails or even yellowed, ridged ones can indicate a nutrient deficiency. Make sure you're getting enough of vitamin B12 and Iron. That can be a huge factor in the strength and appearance of your fingernails. Make sure you eat healthy and/or take a multivitamin and it should help improve the health of your nails, hair, etc. all around. :)How do you keep your nails hard without putting anything on them?
one thing that I have used before is nature's bounty hair and nails vitamins. What those do is provide your body with the nutrients that your body needs to make your hair and nails healthier. they're not growth pills, just vitamins but they work pretty well. also, if you have white lines on your nails it means you need more calcium. hope this helps.

ps. you can get the pills for like $5-$7 at drugstore.com or any local drug store
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After you trim them, you need to make sure that they are filed smoothly. Keep up with the filing to keep the nail edge even. They will break less if they are taken care of as they grow. Also eat more fruits and veggies, they help with keeping your nails and hair strong.
massage your nail beds. it really works. do it for two minutes on each nail everyday and they will eventually get stronger
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